The Inheritance mystery escape room

As a contingency plan for his death, your late uncle left hidden clues and instructions in his Will for you to find and carry out.


# of Players

7.5 / 10


1 Hour

Game Time


Best Escape

# of Players: 2-8
Success Rate: 27%
Game Time: 1 Hour
Best Escape: 34:51


As a contingency plan for his death, your late uncle left hidden clues and instructions in his will for you to find and carry out. The Inheritance is a clue-like escape room that is part mystery and part mission. Arguably Nashville’s most challenging escape room, the details of this experience remain suspiciously vague.

Let’s Do This


Backstory It would seem that your distant yet eccentric uncle has suddenly passed away. Aside from rumors, you knew very little about your Uncle Nikki, only that he was a scientist of some sort and that he was very devoted to his work…

On the night of his presumed death, the evening news aired a live broadcast of a fire in a lab building downtown – a building owned by the company your uncle worked for. After the building was extinguished and later the next day, the only scorched remains found were reportedly identified by the authorities there as Nikolia Van der Shaff – your uncle. But the events leading up to your uncle’s death were mysterious.

The last time anyone in the family saw him was six weeks ago. But nothing seemed out of the ordinary about his absence until after his death. His death began to look very mysterious when a postcard from Jakarta, India, dated almost 20 years ago, arrived in the mail with the following written on the backside, “Should anything ever happen to me, wait for a call from Charles. Don’t trust anyone else! – Uncle Nikki”.

Days later, men claiming to be Federal Agents of some kind began visiting members of family and asking about your uncle’s whereabouts and dealings prior to his death. No one told them about the postcard.

This morning, when the phone rang, a man on the other side said that his name was Charles Turner, that he was your Uncle Nikki’s attorney, and that he was summoning you to your Uncle’s Study in his house for the the reading of his will – which to your surprise, you have been specifically named in. You barely knew the guy. Charles was very specific about the time in which you were to arrive.

What really happened to your Uncle Nikki? What was he working on? Why was the government involved. Why did he name you in his Will, and why did he specify that you read his will in the Study of his home. What did he need you to do? You’re about to find out.

Required Toolkit Here’s what you’ll need to solve this mystery and escape with your inheritance:



The Inheritance Mystery Room Escape Room Game

Can you solve the mystery behind your Uncle’s disappearance and find your inheritance before “they” get here?

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